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Disgust Post #1

8:27 P.M. EST
Sunday, December 31, 2006

I enter my father's room to retrieve the telephone and was forcible pushed out of the room into the hallway. He gave me a speach on how I don't respect him and all that garbage. The truth of it is, I think that there was something else going on in that room when I entered. I didn't get a chance to see but apparently he was sitting at the computer. I can only surmise the details of this incident and feel quite perturbed to be forced to live with this degenerate of a man. He is the type of person that cannot be insulted. He is an overweight, fat, slob who does absolutely nothing and blames the bank devoid on everyone else in the house. He is abusive and has hit me several times, without reason. Subsequently, I threatened to call the police. He laughed and said that the phone was sitting on the charger. This is just one of many isolated incidents. My masochistic mother refuses to do anything about him and his foolishness. I feel absolutely no remorse for him. I wish he was flattened by a bus, not just for the insurance gains, but to see him squeal as I watched in total euphoria and intoxication from the spurting blood of his broken body. The only constellation to this conundrum is that he has contracted diabetes. Hopefully from his lavishly gluttonous eating, he will soon be gone. The day he drops dead I'm going to pen a bottle of wine. All dictators fall, and when they do revenge is sweet. In truth, I see nothing wrong with a little overprotection. I am overprotected and I relish in that ignorant bliss. Abuse breeds anger. I guess that's the beauty of money...
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