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what r ur opinions on running away?
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Iv thought about it..
Not fun D:
I've thought about it too.
positive if necessary i wish i had.
depends.How bad is the situation? How old are you? Do you have a way to get money? Do you have a place to go? Friends can only keep you so long. They WILL get tired of you.
i'm gonna get a job at hot topic dye my hair make me not look like me change my name on birth certificate


January 6 2007, 20:38:53 UTC 10 years ago

i think it will suck and be alot harder than you expect it to be. you'll be totally on your own and the only person you can rely on for money is you and it's dangerous too. in the end it's more likely that you'll have to crawl back to your parents...

it's better to be smart and plan ahead to move out. get a job, save 6 months wages, find a roommate or two, pack up and get out.
I completely agree with you. The worst thing you could do is to leave and have to come back. You must plan--and save. SAVE A LOT OF MONEY.
It's always tempting to runaway from home. My parents don't seem to care about me much. There always watching football. I could be screaming in pain in the next room and all they would do is tell me to "be quite we're watching football". I dont mind that they do it but it's like there real nice and sweet to me one minute, but as soon as the t.v. turns on they push me aside and watch FREAK'IN FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!! Like right now would seem like a good time to run away. I even could if I wanted to and all they could tell the police is "oh dear well i feel so bad um you see we were watching football and um we didn't really notice that she left because were really inconsiderate parents and were don't care about our kids because we like football more!!!!!!!!!!" ha

i did it ans it was so much fun but it all depends on how stupid your parents are.
i am running away on january 6,2008 and i Aint kiddin and dont epect me 2 come back!!!!
I wouldn't run away from my parents... yet. Pfft, they still pay for me. If you were to run away, you would have to pay for yourself and all that crap....

I'd say just stay with them until you have a good job and life and all that. Until you grow up. Then you can run away and never see their ugly faces again.
I agree with you, but i also agree with some other people, things can get emotionally hard for you, like for example, i met some guy, and i started to like him, trust him etc. then all of a sudden my mom starts hearing rumors about him, and poof im not aloud to see him ever again - what kinda ass parents go so low, im a girl, and im running away when im sixteen if it gets any worse then this, first ill get a job, then start packin, change my appearance think of a new name, and im set, right now? im just going to have to wait.
I really want to, but it's just a fantasy. I hate my parents soooo much, but I'm only 13 and I have no money. I really want to get into acting, so I got a list of talent agents online, and I'm going to email one. I'm going to do commercials, tv shows, movies, etc., until I have enough money to go to college and to move out, and then I'm going to leave my parents and never talk to them again... I don't want to end up like my brother. My parents sent him to the army "to man up" because of the way they raised him :(
i have that fantasy too somtimes. im fourteen with nowhere to go so fuck it


October 22 2010, 02:49:42 UTC 6 years ago

i wish i could run away from home all the DAM TIME! my mom throws away mt micahel jackson stuf all time and laughes at me when i say that micael was innocent. sumtimes she tellsme that i sgould die and be wit micahel if i love him so much. she is such a beyyyotch ans i wish she wud loose curstody of me but it will never happen caus she fronts like shes sucj a good parent. its full of LIES LIES LIES!!!!