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I hate my life.

No, I don't like to complain. My parents rarely ever hit me. I'm not like most people on this website. But I now have somewhere to retreat to, a place I can call my "proper" home. So, this has been happening all of my life. My parents have tried to make me stop treating them like my own shite, but it doesn't work. They can't stop me and they never fucking will! 

My mum always screams at me and slaps me to get out of bed, she shakes the actual bed, which is dangerous considering I have a wardrobe, a desk, shelves and drawers under there, so I need a ladder to get up there, and if I fall down like I did when I was little, it's all over. They always try to make me shut up. My dad swears at me and shouts at me, calls me names and he rarely ever hits me but I love him with my heart's content, because he's funny and he only screams at me, hits me and cusses when he's mad. And I understand why, because i'm awfully cheeky but sometimes neither of them can accept the way I was born and they probably never will! My mum is pretty decent when she fucking wants to be. She picks her times though, y'know, when my baby, 6-month old brother is around.  I have two brothers and one sister, who get treated with loyalty but they get hit and sworn at too. But not my baby brother, nooo, he's better than all of us! My mum can make him laugh, it will make me happy and then I get along with her for a day or two but then she'll get me mad at me again.

It's like I, the eldest of them all *not my parents* were a mistake. I usually feel like i'm the result of a bed, a drunken married couple with no protection. I don't even get why they fucked to create me. They go on about how I used to be a fucking little cutie pie when I was a baby but then I grew into a shit faced twat. I think I made this all sound bad, but it's not.

Most of this happens on rare occasions, on bad months. Not bad days, not bad weeks, but bad MONTHS. I love my life about a quarter of the time, I have a dog, three great siblings and fairly cool parents (who abuse me on certain months)
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