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I guess it's because my parents grew up in another country, idk. My mom just really pisses me off that I can't stand to talk to her at times. She handles me with kid gloves and doesn't get that I'm 21!!!!! I mentioned living on campus last time she pissed me off and I overheard her talking to my sister about how I'm still young. This pisses me off because I AM 21!!!! She is just soo ridiculous and always in my business. She doesn't let me go anywhere and goes crazy if I'm gone for a second longer than she feels I should. She looks depressed and worried even when I'm just going out to the gas station or to throw some trash downstairs. She's wayyyyyy OVERPROTECTIVE!!! She calls and calls everytime I'm gone and doesn't understand that I can pretty much take care of myself. Honestly, I'm much more suited to be out there on my own than she is, seeing as she didn't grow up in America ! She asks for my help on soo many things, from setting alarm clocks to checking things online to understanding words on a document and despite all this, it's like she still thinks I'm a baby that is incapable of functioning without her watch. I feel like I have no life and I don't know what to do because I feel like I'll reach 30 and regret never having gone out with my friends, partied or even anything. My demands from her aren't even crazy!! I'm not even into going out that much but I'd just like a little respect from her and for her to say hey, I raised a good girl and she can handle herself. It's almost like she thinks the only reason I'm a good person is because I'm on her watch. There's definitely a double standard to it too because when my bro was even younger than me, he was allowed to do as he pleased!! With me and my sisters, we've always been handled with kid gloves and I'm realizing nothing will stop her insanity. I thought never asking her for money, working, being in college, getting my driver's license (still need a car tho) would do it but I'm starting to see, it's in her mind and nothing anyone does will change her. She also tries to run my life as far as which schools I should attend, how I should spend my money, how I should style my hair etc. I hate how she always gives advice when it isn't asked of her. She loves putting us all down as well. She is always gossiping about one of us as soon as we leave the room, she is soo childish it's sad. She has the nerve to ask for my trust and for me to come talk to her, but I don't understand how I am to do that knowing that what I tell her in confidence will be shared with everyone in the family!!! She was even mad that I wasn't going to study to be a lawyer and instead I will be pursuing a business degree. She acts like it's all soooo easy and she just wants whatever is better to show off to her friends at work. She mentioned how she lies to her co-workers that we all attend prestigious schools and are studying either law or medicine. This is really hurtful to members of the family who decided college weren't for them. She refers to herself as a loser because she didn't go to college. I'm like thinking wake up!! College isn't for everyone and she should be proud of herself for raising 5 kids in a foreign land and getting her nursing assistant license but she doesn't see any of this. She indirectly makes it clear that we are all disappointments to her and are not living up to her standards. She tries to live through us and run our lives and even wants input on who we marry. Some people may ask why I even live here but it's like with our culture, my parents expect me to not live on my own until I've at least finished college and got a decent job. My sister just got fed up with her ways and had runaway and not talked to us for YEARS!! She was tired of living with no freedom, no space to make choices of your own. I just don't get how we can learn to do the right thing without watch when we live on our own if we've never been left to our own mind. I've tried talking to her but she takes it wrong & an argument comes from it and I also get very pissed and get emotional and start crying and can't get my point across. I'm just tired and near that breaking point. It's too much!!! I really think she panics in her head everytime we step out the door. She thinks it's good parenting but handling your children like boxes marked "fragile" will only make them resent you! If she treats us like this b/c she is scared of us having sex or getting pregnant, that's stupid because no amount of restriction could stop that if it's someone's choice. She just needs to wakeup! I wish I could print this letter and have her read it and her actually understand. She acts like she was never at this age. I hope I'm nothing like her if I have kids one day. I hope I remember how much I resented and hated her at times and always felt she thought I was a disappointment and blamed me for all her problems and that I'm nothing like that to my own children!!!
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