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This regards any parent who claims to be "Christian" and yet enrages their offspring!

"And you fathers, don't provoke your children to wrath ..."

St. Paul the Apostle wrote that decree, not once, but instead TWICE, in two separate epistles (both the epistle to the Ephesians and the epistle to the Colossians).

"don't provoke your offspring/children to wrath, but raise them in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord"
(to the Ephesians)

This seems to imply that provoking one's offspring to wrath is NOT of God.


"You fathers, don't provoke your offspring/children to wrath, lest they be (strongly) discouraged (lose hope)"
(to the Colossians)

This seems to mean that three things, that both (1) to provoke offspring to wrath is repugnant to Christian teachings, both in and of itself, and also because (2) it is the sort of emotional torture that causes despair/discouragement, and (3) such despair/discouragement is definitely NOT of God in Christ.

What does this all mean? Well, if your parents, especially your father, professes to be a "Christian", then he has no business to verbally, physically, or in any other ways torment you!

I say this because I'm frankly tired of so-called "Christian" parents who prance around thumping the Bible or claiming to have the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost, or whatnot, and then go acting like the Devil towards their offspring of any age! Evil Christians must be stopped!

Also, you do not need to be a believer to claim your rights as the offspring to any Christian parents: if your parents, especially your father, profess to be Christian, then they have the Scriptural obligation, as written TWICE by St. Paul, to always be decent towards you.

Now, don't rebuke them or bring up the subject of their despicable behavior, but do tell people until somebody defends you against evil parents. Instead, consider telling their pastors -- and if the pastors refuse to help you, then probably their so-called "Christian" church is in the wrong and those "Christian" people are no better than some sort of heretical cult who deserve nothing short of your contempt.

I'm also tempted to suggest that you web-search the subject of parental behavior, at least in the more extreme cases of parental malfeasance. Some websites, such as some psych websites, do seem to understand when parents are acting intolerably nasty, although I don't always agree with the suggested "cure" for impossible parents. But do feel free to explore, anyway. Good luck.
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