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My father

Okay, this is just a normal rant about my father, probably not as bad as other people who post here.

*sigh* Where do I begin...? He is kinda an alcoholic, wherever he is, he needs a bottle of alcohol to satisfy his needs. He rarely vistits me and my sister, only once a year for a day, and my and my sister both hate that day. We hate my dad a lot, he is very mean to us, always putting us down and threatening us when he doesn't get his way sometimes. He hasn't gone through with his threats (Not that I know of), but every time he arrives, he just calls me or my sister, and then starts the yelling and swearing. He has called me a useless piece of shit without a brain that plays to much computer, also much worse which I don't feel like mentioning. He is also always saying that I need to learn a lot more of these complicated stuff. Im. 12. Years. Old. I don't even know what those freaking things mean or are. He also swears at anyone who makes a tiny little mistake, for example, a waitress. Wrong order? He says, and I quote, "You little piece of ****, that's not what I ****cking said.

He rarely is nice to anybody. Once, when I was 10, he was saying the normal stuff like, Oh you are a idiot who is stupid etc. He picked up a call, suddenly acts all nice and starts sweet talking the guy on the other phone. I was just standing there for a minute, when he noticed me, he was like, "Shoo Shoo, I don't have time for you".

Also, he is very mean to my whole family, including my mother. Once, when he was waiting at a train station and we were late because he called last min, (Late by like 5 min) He started swearing and putting my mother down and said that he didn't need us and he and my mom got in a big fight, in the end, he slammed the door on the car and went to get a taxi. (Me and my sister were both in the car) When he left my mother was on the verge of tears. After a year he comes to visit again, acts like everything is normal and goes through normal routine. (Putting down me and my sis, swearing, drinking.) Then, he wanted to have dinner with his 'family'. My sisters friend came, he acted all nice and asked her if she wanted to come with us, she said no thank you sir. Stays for a while, and my sister leaves with her to dinner. When my dad and us, (Me, mom, grandma.) He started saying crap about how my sister is so stupid, etc. He also said if she disrespects him one more time (Going without waving), he was going to break her legs so she couldn't leave. Now my mother and my grandma most of time follow him around with out questioning, but my mom sometimes stands up to him. I also feel like this marriage is on the edge.

Even though he provides me with everything, I don't think it gives him the right to do all those things, like looking at me like im worth nothing.
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