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Parents Never Understand

My sister and I both agreed that once we turned 18, we're packing our bags and moving the hell out of our shitty house. Unfortunately, I still have 3 years to go, while she has less than a year. My parents are rude, mean, and misunderstanding. This might sound pathetic to you guys, but it truly hurts me emotionally and mentally. I swear my mom tries to get me mad on purpose, bossing me around and making me do almost everything around the house. I can tell both of my parents don't give a shit about me. The only thing they do care about is my grades. If I have one missing assignment, I automatically can't do anything for the weekend and they take my phone away. They don't understand that school isn't the easiest thing in the world. Then, right when I get home from WALKING home from school, they immediately scold me for not doing my chores and yell because I have clothes on my bedroom floor. Yesterday morning, my mom woke me up early and yelled at me for losing her hairbrush. I told them I didn't lose it but I would help them find it. Then, my dad kept saying "She probably brought it to school and lost it!" loudly and calling me irresponsible. I constantly told them I didn't have it and they wouldn't listen to me. My sister finally found it in the bathroom where it was suppose to be. Then, when I went back into bed, they proceeded to scream at me for not having my room clean. Angry and annoyed, I said "Shut up!". I didn't think they heard me, but my mom instantly grounded me for the weekend, which is the first playoff game for our football team and my best friends party, and took away my phone for two weeks. After I apologized and even wrote them a note apologizing, my mom said it depended on my attitude. The next day (today) I cleaned the whole house before they got home from work and I didn't sass off once. When I asked if I could go to the game, they started yelling at me and said no because I still had an attitude. I hate them so much and this isn't the first time they've done things like this either.
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