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I'm only writing this one time

Let me stress that this family is legal. Don't go private investigating and calling the cops or some shit. I can live through this. My entire family will. Our lives aren't in danger but mine will be if you take away my motivation to keep on going which is because of these obstacles.

I won't reveal much about my identity other than the fact that I have a few more years to go. Im using my phone BTW.

My family is full of assholes. Including me, but everything all started from my parents.

Let's start with the less severe problems.
My older sister and brother are bitches to me, constantly taking my parents side for the sake of their well-being. Funny, cause my dad kicked them out. They're legal though. They think my younger brother is an angel despite knowing he's fucking annoying and bothers the entire family. My sister is a bitch, misunderstands and puts words in my mouth. She freaks over everything I say taking it the wrong way. They constantly compare me to my younger brother in attitude. But its cause they bitch at me first. Wtf do u expect? O great Deity let me kiss your fuckibg feet?

My older brother has the same problems as my sister, but he's worse cause he calls me nasty things like fucking cunt, little twat, fucking bitch. You name it. One time I accidentally took his lunch for school cause my fucked up dad has a sissy fit and didn't make my brother and I lunches and there was nothing but meat in the fridge (didn't have enough time for that) when I got back my brother threw a tantrum and called me an attention whore and a little slut. Then he said sorry but I deserved it? Wtf? Who in the world deserves your name calling? Then he told me that he loved me. No joke when he said loved, ya not anymore.

Now my younger brother. I love him but he doesn't understand that. Just because I say I hate him sometimes when he really goes over the top and annoys me to hell like randomly punching me or screaming at me for no reason hehe thinks I hate him. Now that he's older, he talks back to me without logic and tried to pick every possible fight with me. He also talks shit, cusses and talks about dirty things with his internet friends but for some reason my older siblings looks past that.

Step-dad #2.
He is a living worse-than-hell hell.
So much to say but let's just say he's a cunt to my entire family and the root of all our stress. He's bipolar and he threatens, and used to abuse my brother and I back then. Now he verbally abuses us to the point where I question my sanity. Im litteraly thinking of suicide everyday because of him, but I'm too much of a wimp, and I don't want to give up life because of my familys mistakes. That's the only real reason why I'm living and not cutting. The reason why he's so bad is because he also sexually..touches me. But not to the point where its illegal, just like a father to daughter kibs of thing when he's in a happy mood except I find it creepy. And the bipolar thing, he switches moods so fast. I think this is the main reason why he's a bigger cunt than many abusive fathers. Hes really nice at some points and it gives me hope, than he crushes it all when he goes rampage super saiyan mode. Which is every other half hour. Hes insane. I believe so, I cannot speak further as to why though. Too much.

Fucking mother. I hate her to the point where I just recognize her as a pathetic woman, just fuckibg being my step dads slave. Gets beaten yelled at and all that other shit but she just decides to suffer through him. And it is her fault when she can easily leave. She's also just a regular bitchy mom. She can't speak to me without yelling because she has problems, and tells me to kill myself indirectly and she thinks im mental when I tell her to leave me alone after she tells me she wish I never existed. She lives only to obey my insane stepfather's commands.

I talk back because I try to voice my thoughts. And that's what makes me an ahole apparently.
Although I assure you I don't actually give attitude.
Only to my siblings so they fucking realize I'm human too. entire family complains about me and it's dumb because im probably the normal one out of them all. Even though I contemplate suicide. I dont even bitch to my family and im doing alright academically. My friend and her family supports me however and they're a big part as to why I enjoy life sometimes.
I definitely however do plan on cutting ties. Sometimes... Your friends are your family. You're all you got, in the end though.
Anyway, I believe I've got a gist of what life tastes like so far and I'm looking forward to every obstacle to come because undeniably it will shape me into a stronger person. No I am not insane, or broken. Just at times...but I've got plenty of good things in my life to not kill myself. :)

I won't reveal anything else. This is only meant to relate.

Written by a nobody finding the meaning of life

Loljk that's way too cheesy for my own good.
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